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Thrifty Thursday #47

Anna  from Feminine Adventures and I would love to have you join us for our weekly Thrifty Thursday Link Up! Posts about living frugally, thrifty tips and tricks, money-saving DIY projects and gardening, frugal recipes, and encouraging posts on financial stewardship are all welcome. Link up to either of our blogs–your post will be displayed in […]

7 Realistic Ways to Eat Real Food on a Budget (and Thrifty Thursday #45)

Sometimes I come across blog posts or magazine articles about eating “real food”. Real food is basically foods that are natural, whole, unrefined and eaten as close to its original state as possible (i.e. a banana rather than banana flavored cereal). This definition does not include highly processed and refined food products, fast food and stuff out of […]

Thrifty Thursday #44 {With Favorites from Last Week!}

Hi everyone! Welcome to Thrifty Thursday! Today I’m sharing some of my favorites from last week. We had a huge turnout (is that the way to refer to it?) on our link-up, so thankful to see it growing as we encourage each other with frugal ideas and inspiration. Need some cheap and easy activities to […]

Thrifty Thursday #41

I am busy redoing an entryway closet (photos coming soon!) and Anna’s had sick kids, so this week we’ll bring you some of our favorites from last week. Practical Stewardship shared 12 foods you might not of thought to make in the crockpot. Some of the ideas were definitely new to me! Just Being Me […]

Thrifty Thursday Break

Hi all! Anna and I will be taking a break from Thrifty Thursday until after the New Year! In the meantime, enjoy looking through all the great ideas from past weeks! Have a very Merry Christmas and hope to see you all back at our link-up on January 10, 2013!

Thrifty Thursday #38

We’re so thankful for all of you who have linked up at Thrifty Thursday! Here are a few of our favorites from last week: Just in time for Christmas, here are some great ways to wrap your presents with re-purposed paper. Small Footprint Family shared a recipe for The Easiest Crockpot Chicken Stock Ever. The […]

Finding Time to Serve Others During the Christmas Season and Thrifty Thursday


I hope you’ve enjoyed the Simplifying and Serving During the Christmas Season series! The last thing I want to share about is our family’s desire to cultivate a servant’s heart, especially around this time of the year. We have been very blessed, and serving others goes a long way in encouraging a grateful spirit in […]

Making a Realistic Budget for the Holidays (Simplifying and Serving During the Christmas Season) and Thrifty Thursday

So far in this series we’ve talked about why we’re on a mission to create a more meaningful Christmas with our kids, changing our mindset about the holidays and five ways you can earn extra cash for Christmas {we also discussed in this same blog post why you may not need to do so!}. Now […]

Changing Our Mindset About the Holidays and Thrifty Thursday


Last week I confessed that I’m pretty unrealistic about how much money and effort really gets put into Christmas, and as a result, I get stingy and cheap with my giving. So my husband and I have made it our mission to redefine what the Christmas season really means to us. Central to that is […]

Simplifying and Serving During the Christmas Season {A New Series!} and Thrifty Thursday


{Yup, I know it’s only the middle of October, so “why are we talking about Christmas?”, but hang with me!} During the holiday season, I try to stay on top of my spending. But it seems like lots of things pop up here or there that blow my budget. The funny thing is, it isn’t gifts […]

Thrifty Thursday Guidelines

Hi, everyone! Here are some guidelines for Thrifty Thursday, the weekly blog hop I co-host with Anna from Feminine Adventures. Thrifty Thursday is designed for sharing frugal and thrifty ideas! Posts about living frugally, thrifty tips and tricks, money-saving DIY projects, frugal recipes, and encouraging posts on financial stewardship are all welcome. Link up at either of our blogs–your post will be […]

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane……or in a Minivan

This morning we’re heading off to a 10 day vacation in Illinois to visit family and friends! The blog will be quiet for these next couple of weeks with the exception of the Thrifty Thursday link-up, which will still be up and running! “See” you when I return….and hopefully I’ll have some good stories and […]

Does Your Money Have a Purpose Statement?

photo credit Here at The Purposeful Mom, I’ve talked some about money, more specifically our journey to living debt-free. That series was a springboard for Thrifty Thursday, where we can share money-saving tips and stewardship advice! I’m thinking that I want to go into this whole idea of money and how we spend it even further.Some of […]