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Welcome to The Purposeful Mom! I’m so glad you stopped by! My desire is that we can encourage each other to live with purpose in our calling as wives, moms and daughters of God. I’m Jenn, the rambler blogger here. I am a daughter of Jesus, a wife to a wonderful husband and mom to […]

Artisan French Bread with Flax


Recently my friend Stacey gave me a recipe for french bread made with flax. We love using flax around here so I knew I wanted to try it. But I’d never shaped french bread before, I’ve just made regular bread in my bread machine.       I found a great tutorial on how to […]

Writing Them on the Doorposts: Scripture in our Home, Part 6

Last Friday, I posted about where I put Scripture so I can easily read it to Jude throughout the day. I definitely don’t forget about our older two children in this endeavor! In Sunday School last year, Will’s class worked on Scripture memorization. Once the kids recited a memorized verse a certain number of times […]