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Our Journey to Living Debt-Free, Part 4

photo credit If you’ve read the previous posts in the Living Debt-Free series, you’ll remember that I shared the bad news we received after returning to Illinois from some church interviews: my husband was let go from his job. His employer had to release several workers because of slow business and we knew he was […]

Our Journey to Living Debt-Free, Part 3

photo credit When I left off yesterday, we were at the point where our debt was being paid off at a steady rate due to some frugal living decisions and lots of God’s care and faithfulness! But quite unexpectedly, our faith in God was shaken. In our church body, once you are close to finishing […]

Our Journey to Living Debt-Free, Part 2

Yesterday I left off in the Living Debt-Free series at the point where my husband and I hit the point of frustration about our financial situation. Let’s pick up from there! Once we purposed to get rid of our debt, we began brainstorming ways we could immediately cut our spending. These were the five biggest […]

Three Financial Changes I’m Making in 2013

Welcome back to Thrifty Thursday! Anna and I would love to have you join us for our weekly link up! Thank you so much to those who have linked up with us in the past!!  Happy 7th Birthday to my firstborn! Being silly after his Christmas program And just a few things before we get to the link […]

Does Your Money Have a Purpose Statement?

photo credit Here at The Purposeful Mom, I’ve talked some about money, more specifically our journey to living debt-free. That series was a springboard for Thrifty Thursday, where we can share money-saving tips and stewardship advice! I’m thinking that I want to go into this whole idea of money and how we spend it even further.Some of […]

12 Books I’m Reading in 2012

I love to read! How about you? But with three young children and plenty of things going on in my life, I sometimes struggle to find the time to do it! I thought a good motivator would be to choose one book to read each month. And if I get to more than one each […]

Needs Verses Wants: A Lesson About Stuff

photo credit  Last week, I shared with you our journey to living debt-free. There was a lot of character building and unexpected situations in the process, but thankfully we are at present feeling the financial freedom that comes with not owing anyone anything. This is something I really want for everyone and I feel for […]