The One Apparel Item I Always Buy New for My Kids

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I love to save money, especially on clothing. It depreciates in value incredibly quickly, by 33 to 50 percent immediately after your purchase! We’ve made saving money on our kids’ clothes one of our financial goals for the year 2013.

However, there is one item that I will always buy new for my children (besides socks and undergarments of course) and that is a great pair of shoes.

Boys' Toddler New Balance 890 Running Shoes

A well-made, high quality and supportive pair of shoes is something that’s important to us, for many reasons. They are much better for your feet than used shoes as shoes form to the wearer’s feet. Because of that, the shoes don’t fit properly and don’t support our kiddos growing spines, causing future back problems. With all the running around our little ones do, it’s essential that they have a good pair to call their very own.

I don’t like to pay super high prices for kids’s shoes so I’ll try to get them on clearance or on sale. Our budget is between $35 and $40 dollars for each child. I don’t actually find that my children outgrow their shoes very quickly so we can afford to spend this much, especially when we strive to save in other areas. Once they have this pair, they wear them nearly every day, and only have one other pair for dressy occasions {okay, my 4 year old daughter has several dressy pairs, but I’ll blame that on Grandma 😉 }.

I’m actually kind-of a sucker for name-brand shoes, mostly because they’re well made. We really like New Balance shoes for our family because they are designed for runners and have great arch support {we all have high arches}.

Little J just got his first pair of New Balance shoes–gray and orange–and he is loving them! He tries to put them on himself every morning and now that he is a crazy runner {what child isn’t?}, I know that his feet and developing spine will be well supported.

The crazy-hair boy whose first order of business is to put on his shoes!

With spring coming, it’s time to think about getting a good pair of shoes for the summertime. I like to protect their feet from the elements when they’re running through the yard or playing t-ball. We do a lot of our shoe shopping at Finish Line, because they have great deals {including free shipping on 1000’s of products}, lots of locations and they are active in the community with the Finish Line Youth Foundation {supporting businesses that give back is important to us as well!}. So I was super pumped when they sent me Little J’s adorable New Balance shoes to showcase. I want to convince you all that some things are worth putting aside money in the budget for so you can buy new!

What’s one clothing item that you like to buy new for your children?

Finish Line provided me with a complimentary pair of shoes in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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    I completely agree with you on kids shoes. I end up having such a hard time finding a good quality pair of tennis shoes, in the right size, at yard sales and consignment shops anyway. And since they’re something that take a beating almost every day, I want something that I know will hold up! I have bought a couple of “like-new” off from ebay, but mostly I search Amazon and a couple summers ago I went to a Stride Rite outlet that had buy one get one half off. New Balance, Saucony, and Stride Rite are favorite kids brands here!

  2. says

    Love J’s new shoes! We also have chosen to “splurge” in the shoe department for our kids (and ourselves). We have had pretty good luck with Stride Rite, but I’ll have to check out Finish Line too. Thanks for the tip!

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    Even better for our kids’ feet are barefoot shoes – studies show that too much cushion and support actually weakens their feet – it explains why older people need SO MUCH support from their shoes.

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      Our kids like to walk around barefoot (or sock-footed in the winter) in the house but I always stick a pair of shoes on them when we’re outside :)

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    I can tell that you obviously have a lot of passion about this topic. I’ll just go ahead and confess that yes, I have bought my kids used shoes before. Buying new, name brand $40+ shoes each year is just not a priority for our family :)

    The research I’ve done on the topic indicates that used shoes are perfectly safe provided they are the correct size and are cleaned correctly (no yucky fungus!), so we feel comfortable allowing them to wear used shoes sometimes.

    • says

      I don’t know how passionate I am about it, lol, but due to the research I’ve done, I feel better about having them wear new shoes. New shoes don’t have to cost $35-40, they can cost $15 on sale, and if I can find them that way, that’s what I do, especially with summer shoes :) I have bought used shoes on occasion, if they look almost unused and are a pair that they would wear only once or twice, like fancy shoes for a wedding.

      I’ve been told that my back is really messed up partly due to the fact that I didn’t wear very good shoes when I was little and my parents tried to correct my “club feet” with those shoes with bars (not good). So it makes me especially aware of what my kids have on their feet! 😉

      • Ashley Lopez says

        ut always having new shoes. main reason being its hard to find a good pair of used shoes if they are older than toddler age and we have a nike clearance store that the kidslove to go to. with 6kids ppl dont know how i keep them with nikes until i tell them ive never spent over $25 for one pair ! the cheapest have been $15

    • says

      We’re on at the same time today! :) Yes, it is a different aspect of the issue but none the less related to “foot health”. And even after my feet were “corrected”, I didn’t wear good shoes. Partly due to the fact that good shoes weren’t always available or even well made.

      Now I have the advantage of finding better made shoes, so I go for it, if it’s affordable to us. We’re very frugal on the rest of our kids clothes (and planning to get cheaper, like you saw in the other post!), making room for this in our budget! Everyone has their priorities due to their own experiences, and this is just one of ours! And it’s totally okay if it’s not for you :) Hope you’ve been doing well, I’m just coming back into the blogosphere in full(er) force again after a long break!

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    I agree – shoes are not a place where I scrimp. All four of my boys wear orthotics, so new shoes are a must. (Yes, preworn shoes are molded into the former owner’s gait.)

  6. Dee says

    I do confess to buying used shoes, for myself as well as DH and DS. My son has lost so many pairs of shoes that I’d be broke if I bought new, lol. The one new pair my son ever had was given to him by my mom, Ralph Polo brand and they fell apart in less than a month.

    I’ve heard so many people say they are grossed out by used shoes, but that’s okay…more for me to buy, lol. Each family has their own “splurges” and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I do think any problems people have with used shoes is more an issue of incorrect fit versus the fact that they are used. I can’t stand the feeling of new shoes and breaking them in, and have always thought used were much more comfortable. As far as sanitazition I just spray them with lysol a few times after buying.

    • says

      Thanks for your input, Dee! I have definitely bought used shoes before for my kids from time to time. I do buy new for everyday shoes that they’ll wear frequently, but if it’s a one-time occasion shoe, etc, I will buy very gently used. I think part of what I read about the used shoe thing is that the incorrect fit happens *because* they are used–because they’ve already formed to other people’s feet, so they won’t fit quite right–but that’s just one thought. And it’s totally a matter of personal preference–totally fine! I love that you can find great deals on pre-owned shoes and that you feel comfortable using them for your family :)


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