Review of "The Good Wife’s Guide" by Darlene Schacht

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I’m so pleased to bring you a review of The Good Wife’s Guide by Darlene Schacht!


Initially, when I saw the cover of and heard the title of the book I was curious to see if it would be a book entirely about submission. She does address that topic, but the book is about so much more!

One of the main points of the book is to teach us how to take back control of our busy lives. Some of the things she addresses in the book are time wasters, planning ahead, setting priorities and getting organized. She encourages us to seek wisdom as we prune from our lives the things that drag us down and distract us from our high calling of being a wife.

When Darlene talks about matters of submission, humility and self-control, she does it in such a way that it makes me think of things I’d never before considered about these aspects of my character. This allowed me to understand what the term “help-meet” really means and how it relates to helping my husband feel valued in our home.

As I began taking notes for this review, I found myself typing up so many great “quotes” that I wanted to remember! Here are some of the encouragements that stuck out in my mind:

“Self-sacrifice is giving up our interest and desires for a cause. How do we determine the cause? We apply wisdom.”

“I’ve come to realize that being a keeper of my home doesn’t require flawless perfection and never has.”

“Idleness that takes us away from work that needs to be done, is in every way a form of laziness.” 

“The greatest investment that we can make is living a purposeful life in everything that we do.”

Later in the book, Darlene lays out in-depth examples of her housekeeping schedule and decluttering tips for several areas of the home. As we get closer to spring-time, this makes for good guidance and motivation to clean out my house! 

Most importantly, she gives a name to the “elephant in the room”, the heart attitude that must change in order to live a well-intentioned life. It’s the grace of God that allows us to change our attitude toward our husband and family so we can be the wife He desires us to be.

The Good Wife’s Guide is a book full of spiritual and practical advice from a woman who has the experience and humility to encourage and motivate wives of all stages of life.

You can find this book for $4.95 and it is available for immediate download. You can find Darlene blogging at Time-Warp Wife.

Darlene graciously provided me with a copy of her book for review purposes. All opinions are my own. This post does contain an affiliate link.

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